Brighten your Smile with Enlighten Whitening

Are you looking to improve your appearance by having a whiter, more radiant smile? Would you like an experienced dentist to provide you with the most effective course of whitening treatment? If you would like your teeth to be whiter, City Dental Practice will provide you with a world leading whitening system to ensure that you enjoy a brighter smile with long lasting results.

Why Enlighten Whitening? Enlighten Whitening is the only teeth whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA B1 shade – making it one of the most effective products available to experienced dentists at the moment.

If you would like City Dental Practice to provide you with a beautiful, brighter and whiter looking smile, please call the practice to book a complimentary consultation with Amit. During the consultation, Amit will assess your teeth to see if this type of whitening treatment is suitable for you.

After your assessment, Amit will take a true and accurate impression of your teeth and gums to create a perfectly fitting whitening tray. You will then be provided with everything you need to complete your initial 14 day home treatment.

During your consultation Amit will explain that to guarantee you the best possible results a combination of home whitening and surgery-based treatments will be required. For this reason, you will be invited to the practice to complete a further whitening treatment which will take approximately 40 minutes. All of this will be included within the price that Amit agrees with you.

To enjoy long lasting, brighter results, trust City Dental Practice to treat you with one of the most effective teeth whitening systems in the world.