Tooth decay is the largest cause of primary school aged children being hospitalised in the UK

When was the last time your child visited the dentist for a thorough examination? Regardless of your Childs age is it’s important to ensure that their teeth are healthy and strong. Why not bring them along to your next dental examination here at City Dental Practice.

Not only do you want your child to develop a good looking and healthy smile, but you also want them to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident when visiting the dentist.

This is really important as dental phobia is still an extremely common problem which can often prevent individuals from visiting their dentists altogether. During your child’s dental examination at City Dental Practice, we will ensure that their smile is developing in the correct way and most importantly, ensure that they enjoy their experience here.

After each visit your child will be rewarded with a sticker of their choice to say well done for being brave; whether that’s Frozen stickers for the girls or Avengers stickers for the boys, it’s definitely something that they will look forward to!

When should your child start to visit the dentist? As soon as your baby has started to develop their first teeth, we recommend that you bring them along for a thorough examination.

There are crucial periods in your child’s dental development especially the phases when their baby teeth fall out and their permanent adult teeth grow through. It’s important to monitor this development to ensure that your child is able to enjoy a natural looking and beautiful smile in the future.

Overall, making sure your child regularly visits the dentist is key to maintaining their beautiful smiles and key for building their confidence while they are here.

If you have an examination booked at City Dental Practice, please feel welcome to bring your child along too. If you would like to let my team know that you are bringing your family along, please speak to either Pam or Marion on reception by calling 0121 455 9233. We will try our hardest to book an additional appointment for your child immediately after yours.